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My Music Playlist plays all the segments at once

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The behavior I'm experiencing with Music Playlist Containers is confusing. No matter how I configure it (Sequence Continuous vs Sequence Step vs Infinite) It always plays all of its children at once. The only way that I can get the playlist to play sequentially from one segment to the next in a sequential order is to set the Loop Count to 1, eliminating its persistence.

Setting the Loop Count to 1 makes the segments play sequentially but setting it to Infinite causes all of them to play all at once.

I can't really divine what the intent here is. It seems to me that if the Playlist Container is set to Infinite and Sequence Step that it would go sequentially through its list Infinitely. Sequence Continuous yields the same exact behavior.

So how to do you actually play a Playlist Container that goes through it's list of segments in sequential order and then goes back to the beginning? Is that possible?
asked Oct 1, 2019 in General Discussion by Michael D. (240 points)

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After a few hours of working on this I will answer my own question, for posterity.

Apparently the Exit Cue, by default, is placed at the beginning of the file. This behavior was occurring because I had defined a 3 second fade-out and 3 second fade-in as the default transition. So upon playing a new track it will immediately arrive at the Exit Cue and begin its fade while also triggering the next one because it's set to infinite loop. With a 3 second fade out and fade in Wwise manages to amass 15 instances of this track :)

I would think that Exit Cues would default at the end of the file, not the beginning.
answered Oct 2, 2019 by Michael D. (240 points)
Music tracks play all at once, but with music playlists and segments, it is, as far as I know, impossible to play them simultaneously. Is it possible you're confusing tracks and segments? If not, you might want to post a screenshot - it could be you've stumbled upon an odd bug.