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How do I move source files from Voices to SFX?

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I have a weird issue and have been unable to work out a solution...

I accidentally imported some music loops as Voice files. Realising my mistake, I converted them to SFX files - no problem!

However, the source files are in the Originals/Voices/English(US) folder. Unfortunately, you cannot move from Voices to SFX in the file editor.

How do I change the files' location, so the audio files are in the right place for members of my team to find them?

(Thanks in advance for your help!)

asked Oct 8, 2019 in General Discussion by Dan T. (100 points)

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Hey Dan,

That sounds strange. Once you click "Convert to SFX" it should definitely convert AND move the file source into the SFX folder. What Wwise version are you using?

Can you try to convert one of the files back to Sound Voice and then once converting to Sound SFX again, take a look at the Workgroup Operation > Destination Folder window and see if the path is correct?
answered Oct 8, 2019 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (38,720 points)
Thanks for the answer - I thought this was odd... I don't have any conversion options when I right click on the little waveform icon (as opposed to a face or speaker icon). And I can't seem to drag it anywhere outside of the Interactive Music Hierarchy. How do I view the original source file in Wwise? Apologies, but I am quite new to Wwsie. :(
No problem! :)
No you cannot drag objects from Actor-Mixer Hierarchy (AMH) to Interactive Music Hierarchy (IMH) or vise-versa, as far as I know. Also the 'Convert to SFX' option is only available in the AMH since you can't have Voices in IMH.
Now to find the source of an audio object in AMH, you just right-click > Open Containing Folder > and pick the .wav file. In the IMH you just need to go to the Contents Editor > Right-click the file and follow the same path as above.
Did you get your original problem solved, or are you still having source files in the wrong folder?
I have no idea how I imported the music as voice files, then moved them into the Interactive Music Hierarchy... This is super weird. All the source WAV files are in the Voices directory and there doesn't seem to be any way of moving them. I tried re-importing the WAVs, but they end up in the same location. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Hmm and did you try to move them back into the SFX folder with the Project > File Manager > Sources?
I tried the following...
- Move files with File Manager... not allowed to move voices to SFX
- Re-import the WAVs as SFX, specifying the correct import folder... they still end up in the voices folder.
Is there any way I can manually edit the pointers to the source files? Like in a text editor or something?