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Wwise Authoring Tool Incompatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)

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Wwise contains certain components which are no longer supported on macOS 10.15.

January 29th 2020 UPDATE:

We have worked out the problem in the virtual Windows environment used to run Wwise on macOS, Wwise 2019.1.7 will be compatible with macOS Catalina.

Running Wwise 2019.1.7 on macOS Catalina requires the use of a workaround because the application is not currently signed or notarized; we are currently working on that for future releases.

March 26th 2020 UPDATE:

We are finalizing the development and testing of the notarized Wwise and Wwise Launcher applications. The versions that will not require the workaround on macOS Catalina are:
- Wwise Launcher version 2020.2 (currently planned for release on April 13th)
- Wwise 2019.2.2 (currently planned for release on April 30th)
- Wwise 2019.1.9 (currently planned for release on May 14th)

May 6th 2020 UPDATE:

Wwise Launcher 2020.2.3.179 was released today; this version of the Wwise Launcher is signed and notarized making it compatible with macOS Catalina, no workaround required.

- We are now planning to release Wwise 2019.2.2 on May 8th.
- We are now planning to release Wwise 2019.1.9 on May 28th.


asked Oct 8, 2019 in General Discussion by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic) (3,350 points)
edited May 6 by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic)

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Thanks for the update. Are you working on a solution, or will Mac authoring support end after Mojave?
answered Oct 9, 2019 by Egil S. (1,080 points)
We are indeed working on the solution and plan to update this question when an ETA is established.
EDIT: Sorry, I just saw that you had edited the initial post with an update in late January! Somehow I didn't see that. So if I understand correctly, it is fine to upgrade to Catalina now and use the workaround posted above to continue using Wwise?

Hi Guillaume, with the release of Xcode 11.4 this week Apple has made macOS Catalina a requirement. Wwise has been the only reason I've had to keep my development systems on Mojave for the 32-bit support. Can you provide any ETA for 64-bit Wwise compatibility with Catalina?
Hi Alexander, it is indeed possible to use Wwise 2019.1.7 or 2019.1.8 on Catalina as long as you follow the instructions provided here:
Brilliant! Thanks so much Guillaume.
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Wwise Launcher 2020.2.3.179 released on May 6th 2020 is signed and notarized making it compatible with macOS Catalina.

answered May 7 by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic) (3,350 points)