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Reflect cutting off when reaching certain distance from exterior AK Spatial Audio Volume

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We are having a problems with the reflect plugin when generating reflections using an AK Spatial Audio Volume in Unreal Engine. The attenuation on the reflect effect is set to 20000. When the player is between 0 and 9200 from the exterior of the audio volume the reflections can be heard, however when the player moves past 9200 the reflect plugin just stops working, i.e the image source stops being displayed in the effect editor.

The strange thing is that the signal is still getting sent to the aux bus in the voice graph but no reflections are being registered within the effect editor of reflect.

When using a spot reflector that is sending to the exact same aux bus the reflections work perfectly.

Any help as to why we are not getting image sources registered past a certain distance when using ak volumes would be much appreciated.

asked Oct 11, 2019 in General Discussion by Matthew B. (100 points)

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