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Issues with Spatialization and Occlusion in UE4 Version 4.22.1 Wwise 2019.1.1 and 2019.1.4

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Hi, we're currently experiencing what seems to be an integration issue where some odd behavior is occurring in UE4. This includes things such as spatialization that only works upon first play in the editor and for any consecutive times after the initial play, the spatialized sound is 'locked' into place in the stereo field upon event instantiation. We also found that if the Occlusion Refresh Interval is set to anything other than 0 on AK Components, we get weird behavoir where it is applied to the music only on first play, randomly applies a LPF for what feels like random sections in a level of the game or applies the Occlusion Refresh Interval value every time for ambient events that are triggered from the Level Blueprint. As a comparison, none of these problems are present when we integrate our current Wwise project with UE4 versions that are available from the Epic Games Launcher. We're wondering if this could be an integration incompatability issue with our current version of Unreal or if anyone else has experienced similar issues?

asked Oct 11, 2019 in General Discussion by Daniel P. (100 points)

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