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Remote Connect to UE4 kills output to new Communication device bus

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 -  I created a new shareset audio device using the 'Communication' preset, named 'Headset'

 -  In windows sound devices control panel I set my headset to the 'default communication device' for playback. (usb interface & speakers remain as 'default device')

My test wwise data = all sfx routed to Master Bus (speakers),  all 2d hud & voice events routed to new 'Headset' bus

All good so far, these playback correctly on their assigned device  ... in Wwise editor / soundcaster.

But as soon as I Remote Connect to the project in UE4 (on local pc),  the Headset bus is silent.

Do I need to initialise something in code to let UE4 see the new device / bus ?

Any help and advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

asked Oct 25, 2019 in General Discussion by Steve C. (100 points)

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