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How do I modify the volume of all audio events and ambient sounds?

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Hello Audiokinetic,

I would like to add a "Global Volume" setting for my UE4 game that modifies the volume of all audio events and ambient sounds.

It seems that the default UE4 audio engine supports this, but the Wwise UE4 audio engine does not support this. How do I achieve this?
asked Sep 22, 2014 in General Discussion by Johann L. (470 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Johann,

Modifying volume for a group of sounds or all sounds in the game is usually done on audio busses (in the Master-Mixer Hierarchy). If you want to expose a slider in the game's menu to modify the master volume, I'd suggest you attach an RTPC to the 'Bus Volume' of the Master Audio Bus.

answered Sep 23, 2014 by Simon A. (Audiokinetic) (3,500 points)
selected Sep 23, 2014 by Johann L.
Okay, thanks for answering my question.