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Wwise Integration in Xcode

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I'm currently trying to integrate Wwise into my learning project which is an iOS game made in Xcode.  I have a working game but in terms of Wwise Integration I have not been able to go really far. Following the Wwise SDK guidelines I have:

  • created an objc bridge header and checked that it works correctly;
  • imported required frameworks and updated search paths for SDK header files;
  • tried included Wwise SDK headers one by one.

Unfortunately the last step has not been successful. While the header files are found and being included, they fail to compile. There are multiple errors reported. Most of them point to AkTypes.h - I attach a screen shot of a log. The first error states that a constructor for AkExternalSourceInfo requires a specifier in addition to type name. The interesting part is the integration demo provided with the SDK does not have the issue. First I assumed the difference is in compiler settings, however I can't figure out what's wrong by straight comparison of my project with the sample one.

Any help is appreciated.


compile errors

asked Nov 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Roman V. (140 points)

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So far so good...

I expect those who know are not going to answer. However I already figured this out. The problem originates from including c++ headers into objc code which effectively means c++ code is sent to an objc compiler. I have switched to objc++ wrapper for the SDK.

I don't have this error any more but run into another one. Upon compilation I get a message about SDK files not containing definitions for the functions I try to use (the basic ones - memory manager, streaming manager initialization, and so on). The headers from include folder are found, so I suppose there is a problem with linking the libraries. If you read this and know what the problem might be, please let me know. For now I'm trying to figure this out on my own.

For those like me, who try to grasp this topic I have two tips:

  • do not try to integrate the SDK into swift application right away. Try first to have it working through C++. Then go for integration.
  • the SDK sample is very complicated. It's much better to start with Audiokitetic Integration Walkthrough page and implement only the basic functionality.
answered Nov 7, 2019 by Roman V. (140 points)
Adding up to my conclusions after cleaning up the project and starting the SDK integration from point aero:
- the SDK walkthrough is not complete, but with minor modifications I have finally managed to get Wwise initialized and accessible in swift;
- the configuration page states that for basic operation four libraries are required: memory manager, streaming manager, sound engineer and music engine, however I got an error related to the memory manager sinking for communication functionality.  Therefore communication library was required as well.
- the initialization page is clear enough, except the low level IO part and streaming device initialization which refers to the samples. And the latter contains a lot of interconnected files. For now I decided to skip this part. Hope it's just an advanced functionality that I do not need now.