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How to smooth audio playback from audio input plugin

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I am writing an audio input plugin to play audio from an in memory buffer (it is is the audio stream of a .mp4 video being decoded elsewhere in the program). I have managed to register this plugin, and written the mandatory callbacks for GetFormat and Execute callback.

The decoded audio stream in 16 bit fixed point interleaved integer for a dual channel stereo format. which I set using AkChannelConfig::SetStandard to create a configuration and then call AkAudioFormat::SetAll tp set the remaining format values.

In the ExecuteCallback function I get the MaxFrames vlaue for the io_outbuffer object and copy that amount of data into the buffer, before setting uValid frames to MaxFrames and eState - AK_Dataready.

This results in the audio being played, and matching with the video. However it is not smoothed containing sharp 'tick' sounding noises which I suspect are small bursts of static at seemingly regular intervals.

Can anybody assist in how to achieve smooth audio playback via this source plugin?
asked Nov 10, 2019 in General Discussion by Kieran C. (110 points)

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