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Wwise Ue4 output volume

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Hey guys

I am pretty new in the whole wwise world so please excuse me if I use not  the "right" language asking  the question....

What happened is I have a project in Ue4 and made the whole soundscape in Wwise. The soundbanks were generated, all nice but my wwise project got deleted ( and yes I don't  have backup, lets not get into that...)

once I tested my sounds with vr glasses and open headphones i realised I mixed everything too low so

my question is :  is there any way to push volume of the output in Ue4 ( and here I mean volume of generated soundbanks and akobjects) ....because as you can imagine I cannot adjust it in wwise anymore.

Thanks in advance


asked Nov 12, 2019 in General Discussion by Patrycja p. (150 points)

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