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Invalid directory when using development tools / build scripts

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a Wwise plugin for Android (in Unity) with the provided Python development tools by Audiokinetic. I created a plugin with " ...", generated a solution and makefile with " ..." and now I am trying to finish with " Android -c Debug". Unfortunately for some reason a directory seems to be invalid. Before I had to set an environment variable so the command works at all. The white space in the path is not the problem and all directories actually exist. Running as Admin makes no difference.

For some background: I used PureData and the Heavy compiler (hvcc) to design my plugin and now try to make it available for Android. It works in Wwise Authoring and the Unity Editor so far but I struggle to generate the .so file for Android. I tried to make a .so file from my C++ code in different ways (Visual Studio / Android Studio) but the build scripts seem to be the best solution regarding linking dependencies etc. or I just do not know better.


Hope someone can help :)



>>python ..\ Android -c Debug
Building HvFM for Android in Debug...
Building Android in Debug using ndk-build.
Build Command:
D:\CODE\AndroidSDK\ndk\20.1.5948944\ndk-build.cmd\ndk-build all -j 16
NDK_LIBS_OUT=D:/DAW/Wwise/Wwise 2019.1.6.7110/SDK/Android_armeabi-v7a/Debug/libs
NDK_OUT=D:/DAW/Wwise/Wwise 2019.1.6.7110/SDK/Android_armeabi-v7a/Debug/lib
NDK_APP_OUT=D:/DAW/Wwise/Wwise 2019.1.6.7110/SDK/Android_armeabi-v7a
TARGET_OUT=D:/DAW/Wwise/Wwise 2019.1.6.7110/SDK/Android_armeabi-v7a/Debug/lib
The directory name is invalid.
asked Dec 6, 2019 in General Discussion by Gabriel A. (140 points)

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