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Can't chose my controller when mapping midi controller

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Hi !
I'm starting to lose my mind on an issue : I want to map my MIDI Keyboard controller to Wwise (in order to control the volume, etc... with the faders).
When I'm in my Control Surface Devices, in the "device type" tab, I don't see my keyboard's name.
I can chose between "Midi In" or "Daw in". In both cases, I do have a sound when I chose an object and press a key, but I can't map an action/virtual fader to a controller on the keyboard (Except for the pitch wheel, god only knows why!)

Of course I tried all the possibilities : Midi in / Midi out, Daw in / Daw out, Midi in / Daw out / Daw in / Midi Out, or with "none" for the output. However, when I select "Daw in" and "none", Wwise do recognize the keyboard in the control assignment area. But I can't assign it to the faders, only to the pitch wheel !

I'm on a macbook pro and my keyboard is an Arturia Keylab 61 Essential.
If anyone know what this is about, please help me !
Thank you very much and please forgive my english !
Much love from France
asked Dec 6, 2019 in Feature Requests by Romain C. (100 points)

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