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Android not using Unity-configured soundbank path

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I am using Wwise 2017.1.5 with Unity 2019.2.0 and deploying to Android on Oculus Quest

Wwise soundbank path in Unity is configured to Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks (Relative to the StreamingAssets directory)

However on device we receive AK_FileNotFound when attempting to load any soundbanks

Failed load Init.bnk with result: AK_FileNotFound

Our app is creating a DecodedBanks folder in our app's data directory and is attempting to load the banks from here.  This has been confirmed by manually copying the soundbanks to this directory.

I have been unable to find any configuration in Unity or the Wwise scripts where this is being set.  AkInitializer::GetBasePath() returns Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks as expected. AkBasePathGetter:GetFullSoundBankPath() also returns Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks
Wwise has not been configured to encode/decode banks on device so I'm not sure why the project is attempting to load from the DecodedBanks directory.  

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

asked Dec 10, 2019 in General Discussion by David W. (100 points)

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