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Footstep Sounds

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Hi Guys! I was wondering if anyone has used the Unity 3D Game Kit with Ellen as the Player Character?
Basically I am using Wwise Audio middleware to implement her sounds and can call other sounds no problem however I need to place this line of code AkSoundEngine.PostEvent ("Footsteps", .gameObject); (Footsteps is the name of my event) in to Ellens C# footstep script) to post her footstep sounds from Wwise in to Unity.

I just don't know where in the script to place the line of code or if I need to change any other line relating to audio?? below also just incase you prefer to  I have highlighted in blue here what I think are two relevant sections in which to place the line but need guidance.

Please can anybody help as I am really stuck??
I would be so grateful if anyone can help me out on this!!!
Thank you

public RandomAudioPlayer footstepPlayer; // Random Audio Players used for various situations.

public RandomAudioPlayer hurtAudioPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer landingPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer emoteLandingPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer emoteDeathPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer emoteAttackPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer emoteJumpPlayer;



Transform footStepSource = transform.Find("FootstepSource");

if (footStepSource != null)

footstepPlayer = footStepSource.GetComponent<RandomAudioPlayer>();


asked Jan 11, 2020 in General Discussion by Charlie C. (100 points)

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