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Any information on when Wwise will be compatible with macOS Catalina?

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I will need to go on the road with a certain project and I might need the new MBP 16’ which comes only with Catalina.
asked Jan 22 in General Discussion by Zevik P. (110 points)

2 Answers

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I'm not seeing the warning about Catalina in the Wwise launcher anymore...hmm...

But there's no word about it in the release notes or in the Q&A that I can find.
answered Jan 22 by Christopher K. (190 points)
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Until a full fix is out, maybe this can help if you we're not aware yet.
answered Mar 11 by Maximilien S. (1,460 points)
I am reading this web site to mean that Wwise is now compatible with Catalina with this workaround. Is this accurate? Could someone from Audiokinetic please confirm before I go ahead and update to Catalina?