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Visual Studio doesn"t reconize any Ak command when coding

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Hi there,

Wwise version2019.1.6

My main problem is simple, I am struggling with Unity 2019.2.18f and Visual Studio 2019 to implement footsteps for the FirstPersonCharracter script from Unity.

Whatever script I try or create and wherever I place it Unity tell me that "The name 'AkSoundEngine' does not exist in the current context".

This is a bit of the script I am using, you might regognize it:

private void ProgressStepCycle(float speed)
            if (m_CharacterController.velocity.sqrMagnitude > 0 && (m_Input.x != 0 || m_Input.y != 0))
                m_StepCycle += (m_CharacterController.velocity.magnitude + (speed*(m_IsWalking ? 1f : m_RunstepLenghten)))*

            if (!(m_StepCycle > m_NextStep))

            m_NextStep = m_StepCycle + m_StepInterval;

            AkSoundEngine.PostEvent("EVT_Play_FS", gameobject);


I've been looking for two days now if other people struggled with Visual Studio for the auto-complete feature that indicates your Wwise Unity integration is working, but it seems like the problem comes from just one script for them.

I don't know if I am missing something for my integration, I am able to integrate sounds on Unity, to connect the remote platform so Wwise works. I ticked every option needed during the Wwise/Unity integration, create two other projects (same problem), I have the SDK installed and everything updated.

The problem comes from Unity. Are the Wwise commands supposed to be added separately to pop in my IDE?


asked Jan 23, 2020 in General Discussion by Alexis G. (120 points)
I've been having this same issue and I can't seem to figure out why. The Wwise sound engine is initialized successfully when opening Unity and all of my assets are contained within the root assets folder. Here is an example excerpt from a script (I am working with the LEGO microgame for reference):

// Check if picked up.
                    if (m_ActiveColliders.Count > 0)
                        // Particle burst.
                        if (m_ParticleSystem)
                            m_ParticleSystem.Stop(false, ParticleSystemStopBehavior.StopEmitting);
                            var particleMainModule = m_ParticleSystem.main;
                            var particleStartSpeed = particleMainModule.startSpeed;
                            particleStartSpeed.constantMin = 5.0f;
                            particleStartSpeed.constantMax = 10.0f;
                            particleMainModule.startSpeed = particleStartSpeed;

                        // Hide.
                        foreach (var partRenderer in m_scopedPartRenderers)
                            partRenderer.enabled = false;

                        AkSoundEngine.PostEvent("ItemPickup", gameObject);

                        PlayAudio(spatial: false, destroyWithAction: false);

                        // Delay destruction of LEGOBehaviours one frame to allow multiple Pickup Actions to be collected.
                        m_Collected = true;


1 Answer

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Hi! How are you? Did you manage to fix this? Im facing the exact same issue..
answered Oct 14, 2023 by Alejandro C. (150 points)