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ASIO Output to support 32 channels?

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Hey there! 

I've been experimenting with the ASIO Plugin. It seems that the plugin ships with only 31 channels anonymous output. I've been able to hack this and increase the number of channels relatively simply by changing C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise 2019.1.4.7065\Authoring\x64\Release\bin\plugins\ASIO.xml file's Channel Config tab to include another field under the current Anonymous fields that gives a value of 32: 

              <Value DisplayName="Anonymous 24">24</Value>

              <Value DisplayName="Anonymous 31">31</Value>

              <Value DisplayName="Anonymous 32">32</Value>

I was wondering if it would be at all possible to include this within a typical distribution of Wwise ASIO Plugin? What is the reason there is a 31 channel limit? 


This feature would be particularly useful for us as we're currently been building a commercial loudspeaker based spatial audio rendering system that relies on Wwise to output raw audio to our ASIO devices which can take up to 128 channels. Right now the only work around is to ask our users to make this edit. It would be ideal if this was supported right off the bat so there are no extra steps required by the user to enable this. Regardless of our system, I know 32 channels is quite a common multichannel network stream format for networked audio protocols like DANTE and AVB where this sort of multichannel functionality really shines. It would be absolutely fantastic if this could be included in the ASIO plugin! 

asked Jan 24 in Feature Requests by Sean D. (110 points)

1 Answer

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While I surely can't speak to answering your question directly, I am very intersted in the project you describe of a commercial loudspeaker based spatial audio rendering system.   If you can provide any additional details about your project (even a link) I'd be very intersted.
answered Feb 13 by Vance G. (150 points)
Hi there, that's no problem. Sorry for the slow reply, only received a notification today that you'd sent a message. I'd be happy to provide more info on what we've been building. Please send me an email at Our website is currently still under construction, but I can send you brochures and explain our approach for spatial audio rendering to loudspeakers from Unity or any other audio software. Although if this is the same Vance G., I think we've already spoken once before :)