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AkAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord but without Mic input?

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Anyone have experience with iOS Audio session?

So I want to be able to play audio even with the iOS Silent switch is on, and possible play in background as well. What I don't want is any microphone/input functionality.

Now when I change the WwiseInit in Unity to be "AkAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord", Xcode complains that NSMicrophoneUsageDescription is required.

So the $1000 question is: Is there a way to choose the AkAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord category for Wwise without the record/mic functionality?

It seems iOS has a "AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback" without the mic NSMicrophoneUsageDescription requirement (I don't need or want the mic input)

asked Feb 11 in General Discussion by Egil S. (1,080 points)

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