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Is There A Way To Control Center percentage with RTPC?

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I have an RTPC set up for camera positioning, and I would like the Center % to be controlled via that... At this time the only way I see that being possible is by duplicating all the concent, and having two different settings using a switch container.  

This seems overly clunky and not beneficial.  It seems like that control should somehow be able to be controlled via RTPC or Switch, or something of the like.

Am I missing something?
asked Oct 2, 2014 in General Discussion by Mike A. (220 points)
edited Oct 3, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)

1 Answer

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This is not current possible.  This is however in our roadmap.

For 2014.1 and earlier, if you are willing to invest some time in programming, you can use the Speaker Matrix Callback and do it from there.  You can read more about it in the Wwise SDK Documentation.

Wwise SDK 2014.1 - Windows » Going Further » Advanced Mix Customization Using the Speaker Matrix Callback 
answered Oct 3, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (30,640 points)
The center percentage RTPC will be available in 2014.1.1.