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Wwise integration in Unity Pro for Windows 8

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Does Wwise officially support integration in Unity Pro for Windows 8?

I 'm asking because there is no any information about Unity on Win 8 in the product description section.

asked Jun 14, 2013 in General Discussion by Robert (390 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, Windows 8 is supported in Unity Integration 2013.1. This includes:

  • Desktop
  • Windows Store App on Intel devices and ARM tablets

However, it shares the same limitations with the native Wwise SDK on that platform, e..g., remote connection (profiler) is currently not supported on Windows RT.

The Windows soundbanks should be used for Windows 8. No separate platform is provided for Windows 8 in the Wwise project  regarding banks.

The above info is available in Unity Integration's documentation as well.




answered Jun 14, 2013 by Beinan L. (Audiokinetic) (1,180 points)
selected Jul 24, 2013 by Robert