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how to make objects inside of an AKRoom behave the same way like the objects outside?

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i have a building in unity that i set as an AkRoom (with a box collider) and then added AkRoomPortals to the windows,and i succeeded in obstructing the sounds from outside the room and let them only come through the windows (RoomPortals).

but now all the sounds inside of the room are silent (i can only hear them when im outside),how can i set the sounds inside of the room to behave like the ones on the outside? so i can hear them when im inside and when i get out i can only hear them through portals?

i added RoomAware/collider and enabled diffraction from Wwise for all the indoor sounds too,still not working
asked Mar 4 in General Discussion by Hadi H. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hello, you need to do it like this.

rooms should be inside a reflection volume.

Make the reflection volume for the reflections. Then add the rooms inside of that with reflection off.

Also that is a limitation of Wwise in older version that the sound being sent to a portal not longer plays from the source even if right behind the wall of the source the sound was sent to the portals only. After upgrading to the recent Wwise version I'm using Unreal 4.24.3 is worked properly.
You can even see this limitation in the sample project for unreal 4.22.

I suggest you upgrade Wwise to 2019.2

answered Mar 6 by Eric L. (260 points)
thanks for answerind Eric,but what is exactly a reflection volume?i think i am kinda missing something here?
btw i am using the latest Wwise version with Unity and not Unreal
I'm using Wwise plugins Reflect, convolution, and Wwise Motion.

So you might not have access to reflection volumes if you're not.

So you might be a bit limited in functions.
keep in mind the wwise sample project uses these plugins
I recently wrote a blog about the ray-traced audio in my game.

This is what you should be expecting in terms of results.
ah i get,i have to try that then,
thanks for your helpful answers and have a good day!