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Audio input mic works but crashes after a minute???

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I followed the instructions.

The page here has code comments*
"Shrinking a buffer in the audio callback is not advisable and this should NOT be used in a shipped game!*/"

Is this what's causing the voice capture to just stop without error log?

The Profiler seems to show that it just comes to a casual end despite if I try ticking loop or no cache stream nothing changes it stopping on its own?????

Ok the fix seems to be having a delay every ten seconds that stops the event then immediately starts it again. This forces the uncompressed audio buffer to reset warning to appear but it works you don't notice it stopping while you talk.

I'm still worried about Shrinking a buffer in the audio callback comment. Is there a simple way to stop it from being "Shrunk" in the code I'm not familiar enough with this code or C++.

asked Mar 5, 2020 in General Discussion by Eric L. (260 points)
edited Mar 5, 2020 by Eric L.

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