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MSSpatial Could not activate SpatialAudioClient on XBox One

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I've integrated the MSSpatial plugin to our Unreal game. It is registered when I boot the Unreal Editor, and it works on PC. However, when I run my game on XBox One, I get this log for LogAkAudio:

[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Wwise(R) SDK Version 2019.2.0 Build 7216. Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Audiokinetic Inc.
[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Could not find Wwise network ports in AppxManifest. Network communication will not be available.
[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Wwise plug-in DLL path: ../../../Engine/Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/XboxOne_vc140/Profile/bin/
[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Warning: Could not initialize Wwise communication.
[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Wwise successfully initialized.
[2020.03.09-19.56.05:493][  0]LogAkAudio: Initialization complete.
[2020.03.09-19.56.24:481][  1]LogAkAudio: Error: MSSpatial: Could not activate SpatialAudioClient: 0
[2020.03.09-19.56.24:482][  1]LogAkAudio: Error: The Output Device specified by AddOutput() or Init() could not be initialized.
[2020.03.09-19.56.24:482][  1]LogAkAudio: Reverting to default Built-in Audio Device.

What does this error means? I don't have the error lines following the Initialization complete message on PC builds. I also already made sure that my XBox devkit audio is configured such as the Headset format is set to Dolby Atmos for Headphones.
Any help would be much appreciated!

asked Mar 9 in General Discussion by David T. (100 points)

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