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Best practice for per object state change?

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So I was wondering if there is a good way to work around game states being a forced global change, because I need only certain player's sounds to change when in a certain area of the game, but the game is local multiplayer, so players who aren't in the hitbox of what changes states still get their sounds changed. eg. player in water all their sound effects get a water filter effect, while players on land need to be un-effected.

So the only way I can think to deal with this is to put every player sound effect into its own switch container and then have two versions of every sound effect that are then "switched" between depending on switch states. I also could use RTPC's but it would be equally tedious.

Is this really the only way to deal with this? Am I missing something? and if this is the best way, I believe Audiokinetic really needs to just add a "per object" functionality to game "States"
asked Mar 19 in General Discussion by Austin W. (100 points)

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