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Oculus Spatializer Not Installing in Wwise - Oculus documentation Archived

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I have followed the documentation on Oculus website for integrating OSP into Wwise. Wwise doe register the plug in on the Mixer Plug-ins however when going to edit I am prompted with "The selected Audio effects lin is not installed"


I understand that previously this has required extensive steps however this process has been updated at the previous method about a year ago has now been archived. I followed these steps.

Set up and/or Update the Spatializer Plugin
Install the Oculus Spatializer to add it as a Wwise Mixer Plug-in to use in your soundbanks.

Set up on Windows
Navigate to the download package folder that matches your version of Wwise.
If installing on 64-bit Windows, copy \x64\bin\plugins to Audiokinetic\Wwise{version}\Authoring\x64\Release\bin\plugins
If installing on 32-bit Windows, copy \Win32\bin\plugins to Audiokinetic\Wwise{version}\Authoring\Win32\Release\bin\plugins


Still the plugin does not show. Any recommendations??
asked Mar 24 in Feature Requests by Samaquias L. (100 points)
I have also followed the exact same steps as you and have the same problem.
Is there anyone who knows how to solve this problem?

1 Answer

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It seems that the current OSP stopped working from Wwise Version 2019.2.
The plugin shows perfectly with WWise version 2019.1.9.
answered Jun 22 by Roger L. (140 points)
Has anyone followed up with Oculus or Audiokinetic on whether there are plans for an updated version of OSP that supports 2019.2.x?