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WwiseUnity: The platform SoundBank subfolder within the Wwise project could not be found

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I've bee struggling with this Unity error for a long time. I have generated sound banks in my Wwise project and in the streaming assets in Unity. Any ideas about what to look for?

Unity 2019.3.3 and Weise 20192.0

Thank you!

asked Mar 25 in General Discussion by Nikolaj d. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Nikolaj

Unfortunately I cannot see the image. Could you upload it again? or add a link to it?

In relation to SoundBanks subfolder not found, what's the path to your generated SoundBanks? Do you have platform specific folders in your "GeneratedSoundBanks" folder (like 'Windows', 'Mac', etc)? What about your Wwise Settings in Unity, how does that look? What about your User Settings in your SoundBank Layout, what's the paths in there?
answered Mar 25 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (4,780 points)
Hi Mads,

Here's a link to the image:

Yes I have both a Mac and Windows folder in the GeneratedSoundBanks folder in the Wwise project.

Here's how my Wwise settings look in Unity:

Here's how my user settings look like:

Thank you!
Hmm to me that should look just fine. Do you get the same problems when you generate from Wwise and Wwise Picker?

And just to make sure, does your SoundBank folder structure look like this:

> Mac
> Windows
> Wwise_IDs.h
Yes I do :/

This is how my GeneratedSoundbanks look:
Hmm... How about the SoundBank hierarchy in your Wwise project? Any special letters in folder names? Have you tried adding all SoundBanks to the parent work unit and then retry?
Right now we're just working with a main soundbank, so nothing special there:
Hmm... How are you loading the SoundBank?
Also, could you try to re-path the Unity project to your Wwise project and maybe copy the 'GeneratedSoundBanks' manually into the Streaming Assets folder?
Hi Mads,
How do I re-path the Unity project to the Wwise project?
Manually copying the folder GeneratedSoundBanks folder from the Wwise project didn't help...
In the Wwise Editor, click the ... and relocate your Wwise Project. That said, if all of this doesn't make a difference, let's go back to how the SoundBanks are loaded in the first place. I can't see that you're getting a load bank fail error, so can you explain a bit more on how you do that?
I'm simply just using the AkBank component to load the soundbank on Awake: