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The events aren't being played in Unreal, despite loading correctly and using correct game call

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Ok, keep in mind that I am relatively new to using Wwise with Unreal. All I want to do at the moment is get it so that when my player jumps (identified by the game call "Jump"), it plays my sound sfx object. It plays in Wwise and even plays in Unreal when I right-click and press "Play Event". But two things don't happen. 1: When I generate the soundbank in Wwise, it doesn't show up in Unreal. So, I have a "Main" soundbank that doesn't show in Unreal, I only see an "InitBank". 2: Nothing plays when I go in game and jump.

I ran the Profiler and nothing happens except if I "Generate Sound Data" in Unreal I get a few messages that say...
Bank Unload Request Received (from )
Bank Unloaded (from )
Bank Unload Request Received (from Init)
Bank Unloaded (from Init)
Bank Load Request Received (from )
Bank Loaded (from )
Bank Load Request Received (from Init)
Bank Loaded (from Init)

I'm not understanding where the problem is. I know there are a couple different ways to Integrate Wwise into Unreal, so it could be something with that. (By the way, we're not using blueprints).

asked Apr 3, 2020 in General Discussion by Jeremiah C. (100 points)

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