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Clicks looping music playlist

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I have a music switch container with multiple music playlists. Each music playlist has 1 audio clip that I want to play infinitely. The audio clips loop perfectly on my DAW but on Wwise there is always a click on loop point. Is there anything I can do?

Thank you
asked Apr 13 in General Discussion by Inês N. (110 points)
Check that the wave file you export from your daw is looping without a click. Play the file  it in a simple  audio editor, like audacity or Soundforge. If it loops correctly
Did you check in your wwise music segment your exit cue and or end cursor are adjusted to the end of the music track you wish to loop ?

2 Answers

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Are your audio loops a clean loop? meaning did you have to trim it in order to get it to loop? you might be trimming the loops at a bad point and creating a click and you might also be cutting out reverb tails also creating clicks.
answered Apr 18 by Jack A. (190 points)
Yes, I checked the loops in my DAW and they are clean. Is just on Wwise that they click.
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First of all, make sure you exported the loop with the ending natural sound decay (or reverb). Once in Wwise, make sure you have correctly set the time signature and tempo from the Property Editor (General Settings).

In the Interactive Music layout, the segment should now be correctly adjusted to the grid. Make sure you place the entry and exit cues correctly (green and red flag, should encompass what should be repeated, not what's before or after, such as the final reverb).

Should work now. If not, let me know.
answered May 20 by Juan Schweizer (300 points)