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Triggering and AkEnvironment from a child game object in unity.

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Hey friends!

I have a problem at a script level that i did not manage to solve yet, and maybe you guys can help.

The situation is this:

I have a building with an irregular shape, that need a reverb, and i cant use the mesh collider on him. so i have to use a bunch of colliders to be in the shape of the building.

I want to create a main parent that will have the AkEnvironment script on him, and i want all the other box colliders to be children that can send triggers to the parent, and activate the reverb.

So far, i managed to get conformation on the parent whenever a trigger on a child object occurred, using a bool value.

But, i cant find a way to activate the reverb on the child, when ever the Player is inside a child coillder.


In the pictures you will see an example of what i mean, and a picture the two scripts. 

connecting the child and parent went fine, but triggering the AkEnvironment just wont happen.

when ever i enter the parent game object collider, the reverb works fine.

Any suggstions?


Here you can see the photos:

General view:

The scripts: 

Hope you are all ok!


asked Apr 14, 2020 in General Discussion by ‪Dean k. (150 points)

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