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Limbo crashes when connecting remote

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I wanted to connect the profiler to wwise in Limbo, so that I can monitor how it is made and everything, but every time I try the game just crashes for no reason.

It is automatic: I open wwise (2019.2.1.7250 version), open the Limbo project, then I open the Limbo game from the Sample  tab, and I can play the game without any problem so far, so I come back to Wwise, and  I connect it. Once I do that, when I change to the game tab, it will just crash. Insta-crash every time.

I have Windows 10 and Direct X up to date.

I tried older versions of Wwise with older versions of Limbo with the same result...

However, on my old Computer with windows 7 works without any issue (but it is an incredibly old computer and I can't use it for work).

Can anyone help me out here please? I just don't know why I can't make it work, and I really tried my best. Any help will be much appreciated
asked May 7, 2020 in General Discussion by Proko S. (130 points)
Me pasa exactamente lo mismo
Same problem
Same problem....
You should run the game in compatibility mode. Find the Limbo.exe in the game folder, then Right click/Properties/Compatibility tab/Run this program in compatibility mode, then choose Windows 7. Restart the game then profiling will not fail again.

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