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Unreal: Where's the listener?

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Coming from Unity, I'm used to having a listener script attached to my camera.

After integrating Wwise into my Unreal Project, I have this issue where only non-positional sounds work.

If I check the 3D/Camera mode in the WWise profiler, I can see that the listener is stuck somewhere way off, and not attached to my Camera object. This object is named WorldSettings_1.AkListener_NewScene(Editor).

Am I missing something here or did something go wrong with my integration? I can't find any listener components or blueprint methods of any kind.

WWise version: 2019.2.1

Unreal version: 4.25.0

asked May 19, 2020 in General Discussion by 01F0 (180 points)

2 Answers

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In UE4 the listener defaults to the player's camera but I believe the player controller handles afterwards as there is a BP node called SetAudioListenerOverride on the player controller that you can use to set the position of the listener manually. Before you start messing around with listener positions, I would try setting the occlusion refresh rate to 0 on the AkComponent in the Blueprint to see if that's what is causing the issue.
answered May 19, 2020 by James L. (270 points)
Thanks for your answer, it helped me in the right direction. It turns out I needed to re-scale my distance units.

I should have mentioned I was porting an old WWise project which was set to Unity units (1 per meter). I needed to be 7 centimeters away to hear my sound.. :)
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My issue turned out to be an edge case. I should have mentioned I was actually porting an old Unity Wwise project to Unreal.

My attenuation settings were set to Unity units (1 unit = 1 meter) so now I have to rescale them in WWise.

Another way to rescale them seem to be through the AkComponent's Attentuation Scaling Factor, but that's per object and I don't know of a global setting.

answered May 20, 2020 by 01F0 (180 points)