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Wwise fails to handle a specific State and specific Event when piped from Unreal

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I am having a couple of issues with Wwise ever since I upgraded to 2019.2.2 on my UE4.24.1 project.

I did the following when upgrading the version:

  • I updated my game to use the new asset-based system for States/Switches/RTPCs
  • I opted in for Event Based Packaging
  • I opted in for Automatic Asset Synchronization
  • I deleted my Sound Banks in Wwise and moved everything to the Default Work Unit, so Unreal can handle the memory management via asset referencing 
Almost everything is working perfectly since the changeover, except for two error messages coming from Wwise.
The errors I am receiving are the following:
  • LogAkAudio: Error: Media was not loaded for this source: 1045028751
    • Other media files using the same syncs and events load correctly, so I am not sure what is the difference here
  • LogAkAudio: Error: Invalid State Group ID
    • Other states in the project are working correctly, and I don't know how this one differs
There are no problems with the state and media file when I test them in Wwise Transport Control, so it seems like an issue when the Unreal plugin communicates with Wwise.
Things I have tried to fix the problem:
  • Deleted and recreated (by restarting the Editor) the Unreal Assets
  • Cleaned and Generated SoundData again
If you can see something that I have done incorrectly, or know a good place to start looking into this problem, that would much appreciated.
I am fairly new to Wwise, so not sure if I have just missed something.
asked Jun 17, 2020 in General Discussion by Andrew H. (120 points)
I'm having the same issue in UE5 and wwise 2021.1.4 build 7707.

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