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Format file invalid, Error: Element 'MusicClipMidi', I can't open the project (Win 10)

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Hello, I am working in a project for the university. I was working fine until yesterday, when I tried to open the project after a day and it opened with this error.

The text says:

The format of the file is invalid.

Error: Element 'MusicClipMidi': Missing child element(s). Expected is one of (ReferenceList, MidSourceRef).

File: \Interactive Music Hierarchy\Default Work Unit.wwu

Line: 1378

Column: 0


I really doesn't understand if I did something wrong. The project file was working well, without any error or anything. Also, I haven't moved anything from any folder, so I am confused...


If anyone can help, or have similar error, please write back!

asked Jun 22, 2020 in General Discussion by Lucas C. (110 points)

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