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Unreal Engine drag'n'drop import bug

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Unreal Engine 4.24.3
WWise UE4 plugin 2019.2.1.7250.1621

Unable to import files (for example .png file) in to content root via drag'n'drop operation. 

This happens only when wwise plugin enabled.
How to reproduce: 
1. Create new project.
2. Add Wwise UE4 plugin to the project.
3. Try to drag'n'drop some .png file into the content root. 
4. Nothing happens.

Expected result:
New texture file created inside content root.

Root of the problem is placed inside the wwise asset manager class : bool AkAssetManagementManager::onAssetViewDrop(const FAssetViewDragAndDropExtender::FPayload& Payload)
It looks like this method should return false for all non-wwise assets (like .png file) instead of true

You can also disable Automatic Asset Synchronization in the WWise plugin settings (inside UE4 -> Project Settings -> WWise integration) (which leads us to the AkAssetManagementManager class)

Would be nice to get some feedback from dev team if we are on correct path to bugfix that..

asked Jun 23 in General Discussion by Aleksey M. (100 points)

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