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Why aren't my RTPC values changing when project is built in Unity

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Hi, everyone! I've run into a strange scenario recently when building a version of my Unity project to solicit some external feedback.

I'm using a few different RTPC values in my project - all unique instances tied to a specific set of gameobjects / events as audio units are activated and modulated. I'm often using AkSoundEngine.SetRTPC() to modulate these live within code.

The game builds successfully with no errors, and the majority of the WWise integration is functioning exactly as intended, with the exception of one thing; the WWise Pitch Shifter plugins on some of my Blend Containers are controlled by RTPCs to modulate the pitch when different items are selected in-game, and for some reason these RTPCs don't appear to update or function at all when running a build (nor do they show up on the WWise profiler when I've connected to it). The other RTPCs, which control the blend tracks in the same containers, work perfectly, which is why I'm a little unsure as to what has happened, here. Again, this is all 100% functional within the Unity Editor (and I can profile these there) - it's just when I create a build. I've not been able to find any particular build settgings that could be the cause, nor have I found anything awry with my soundbank generation pathway (it's mostly default at present).

Any ideas / advice on where to start looking at solving this one would be hugely appreciated - tearing my hair out a little, here!
asked Jun 28, 2020 in General Discussion by Sam J (110 points)

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