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Upgrading to 2019.2.2.7275 we lose "SetBasePath" for bank loading. Is there a replacement?

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Our project is failing to load our soundbanks after upgrading from 2019.2.0 to 2019.2.2.7275. Now that the LowLevelIOHook has been changed to IOHook in the AkAudioDevice (removing SetBasepath) I think that we're pointing to the wrong place for soundbanks. Documentation suggests that "If you use the default I / O code provided with Wwise, verify the call to SetBasePath (or AddBasePath) points to the proper directory."

Is anyone aware of the replacement for SetBasePath in 2019.2.2 or later?

asked Jun 29, 2020 in General Discussion by Dorian R. (110 points)

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