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Unity - XR Toolkit VR headset routing

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My project is using Unity's XR Toolkit to handle communication with an Oculus Rift S. Using OVRManager is not an option, unfortunately.  When Master Audio Bus audio device is set to 'System', playback follows Windows default audio out rather than getting steered to the Rift. I tested Unity's audio engine and it does properly route to the Rift. A quick workaround I've found is assigning the Rift as Windows default audio out. I've also had success setting Master Audio Bus audio device to 'Communication' after noticing Windows set the Rift to 'default communications device' when I plugged it in.

Ideally I'd like to have a solution in place that doesn't require my teammates to have to constantly adjust their Windows audio settings. The Rift does not always get set to 'communications' default, so that solution is unreliable.

Has anyone had any luck working with the XR Toolkit? I'm guessing a custom audio device needs to be created. I'd love it to be as simple as making an initialization order change but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Thanks for any insight!
asked Jun 30, 2020 in General Discussion by Adam B. (190 points)

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