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[UE4.24][Wwise 2019.2][Event Based Packaging] All my events are modified when generating soundbanks [closed]

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Every time I make some tweaks in just a couple of events (or even just one) and generate soundbanks I see all the events in Unreal as modified. There seems to be someting with an internal ID they have but, still, the actual event/sound wasn't changed at all. Is there any way to avoid that and only modifying the one/s that actually changed? Working in a +500 events project, connected to source control, makes it really slow.

I'm using the new Event Based Packaging system.


closed with the note: Solved! I had old soundbank assets that seemed to be creating conflicts
asked Jun 30 in General Discussion by Guido M. (150 points)
closed Jul 2 by Guido M.