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Cannot build data after switching to Event Based Packaging with UE4

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I recently switched to Unreal v2.4 and tried to set up the Event Based Packaging. Note that I already had lots of sound events set up in the Unreal project so I was not able to do this with a fresh project.

When I tried to generate my sound data with Event Based Packaging active I got the following error:

[2020.07.01-09.11.08:243][822]LogSlate: Window 'Clear Sound Data' being destroyed
[2020.07.01-09.11.20:899][284]LogAkWaapiClient: Subscription failed: {"details":{"topicUri":"ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generated"},"message":"Invalid Options. Document:'#/bankData'. Schema:'#'. Keyword:'additionalProperties'.","uri":"ak.wwise.invalid_options"}
[2020.07.01-09.11.20:899][284]LogSlate: Window 'Generate Sound Data' being destroyed
[2020.07.01-09.11.20:914][285]LogAkWaapiClient: Unsubscription failed: {"details":{},"message":"Could not find the subscription id.","uri":"wamp.error.no_such_subscription"}

Does anyone know how to solve this?

asked Jul 1 in General Discussion by Nick G. (120 points)

1 Answer

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Try clearing sound data. Then do a sync. And then generate sound data again. I had that issue before and that solved it. Now I only have a problem, that I need to generate sound data every time I open Unreal. Which is kind of annoying.
answered Jul 10 by António M. (140 points)