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Can the timestamp of a music segment be exposed to programmers in Unreal Engine?

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I am trying to convince my team to use wwise for a future project. They asked if they could get the time of a currently playing song from wwise. Is this possible? How?


I found this in the documentation but he pointed out the optimized/release configuration returning 0:

Get the time stamp shown in the capture log along with monitoring messages.


Time stamp in milliseconds. In optimized/release configuration, this function returns 0.

AkTimeMs __cdecl AK::Monitor::GetTimeStamp( ) 
asked Jul 9, 2020 in General Discussion by Buck (110 points)

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Hi Buck,
As I know,Wwise provides an IntegrationDemo with rich example code in the SDK.
It seems that the feature you want to know about happens to have a page dedicated to it.
I've taken one of the codes and put it below.

The main API for your goal is AK::SoundEngine::GetSourcePlayPosition( m_iPlayingID, &uPosition );
You can run the already compiled IntegrationDemo in the SDK and look at the code to see how to implement it.
Code Address... \Wwise2019.2.6.7381\SDK\samples\IntegrationDemo\DemoPages\...

void DemoMusicCallbacks::Draw()




    if ( m_bIsPlaying )


        char strBuf[50];

        int iPosX = m_pParentMenu->GetWidth() / 4;

        int iPosY = m_pParentMenu->GetHeight() / 3;


        AkTimeMs uPosition;


        // Get the current play position and store it in a string buffer

        AK::SoundEngine::GetSourcePlayPosition( m_iPlayingID, &uPosition );

        snprintf( strBuf, 50"Bar: %d\nBeat: %d\nPosition=%d", (int)m_uiBarCount, (int)m_uiBeatCount, (int)uPosition );


        // Draw the play position and subtitles

        DrawTextOnScreen( strBuf, iPosX, iPosY, DrawStyle_Text );



It was written in C++ so there should be not many difference,

Hope this helps :)

answered Oct 21, 2020 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (6,010 points)