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File Manager and Soundbank View Requests

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Hi there,

My team has recently been clearing a project of old, unused source material. We've been making use of the File Manager and Soundbank editor to do this, but have found a couple of areas that could smooth this process out for us. These seemed like features that could be useful for many, so thought we'd put in a post:

- In File Manager, if Wwise is setup to work with source control, have a column option for Modification Date on the files, as tracked by the source control. This would allow us to easily see if the 'Not Used' file has been recently added, or is some older leftover. Perhaps some additional source control options would also be useful, such as 'Last modified by [user]'.

- In the Soundbank editor, have a 'Duration' column option for media. The file size gives some indication of this, but Duration could also be a useful thing to help us decide on which files to stream etc.


Many thanks,

asked Jul 9 in Feature Requests by Andrew H. (100 points)

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