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Unable to find memory pool properties in Wwise Unity Integration

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Hi, I’m following the Wise 301 Certification. In lesson 9, when preparing a Unity Scene, it’s told to access Wwise Initialization Settings (by double-clicking WwiseGlobal -> AkInitializer -> AkWwiseInitializationSettings), where we should find several memory pools properties, among others, shown in the Inspector.

When I do such action, nothing shows in the Inspector.

I have also tried to find them at the menu Edit -> Project Settings -> Wwise Initialization, but these properties are missing here too.

Everything else seems to work fine, and I have successfully generated soundbanks (Both in Wwise and from Unity->Wwise Picker), tested playmode, and even build a simple test in Mac OSX Catalina.

I'm using Wwise integration 2019.2.3 / Unity 2019.3.10f1

Thanks in advance,
asked Jul 13 in General Discussion by Estrela P. (100 points)

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