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Switch container doesn't work in UE4 when packaging for windows

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Hello, I have some problems when I compile the UE4 project.
I have a new empty UE4.25 project and a Wwise project (2019.2.3.7304.1690) built in as a plugin in the UE4 project.
I have made in Wwise a step system for different types of floors (concrete, grass, water, etc.), I have generated the sound bank and it works perfectly in Wwise and in the UE4 project, everything is fine and different types of sound are playing depending on the physical material, everything is fine.
When I package the project for Windows I get no errors, but when I test the packaged project I only get the same sound on all the different materials. I have been looking for some solution, but there is not too much information about UE4 and Wwise.

Here's my settings in Wwise and UE4, also you can see video capture in Unreal with the sounds and you understand what I mean.
In the event footstep I have 2 sounds, 1 is the FootCollection Switch Container and 2 is the Armour Random Container.
When I package the Unreal's project (or play in stand alone like in the video) the sound you hear is the Armour Random Container, if I delete the Armour Random Container from the event footsteps and back again in Unreal and play in stand alone then I haven't any sound.

If you need more info please let me know.
Hope this helps you to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance

asked Jul 16, 2020 in General Discussion by John VReq (190 points)

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Hey John, 

Thanks for the very elaborate description.

Could you try setting the switch using the SwitchValue uasset instead of from string? 
Similar to this:

Another suggestion, do you have Split Switch container media disabled in the integration settings? 

Let us know if it works. 

answered Jul 16, 2020 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)
Still the same
About setting the switch using the SwitchValue value set instead of the string is good for the collision box and it is brilliant, but I think it is not a good idea for the steps, think of an open world which is not possible due to the different materials of the landscape.

Yes, I disable Split Switch container media and still the same.

Thanks for your interest
Have a good news NOW IT'S WORKING. What I did is update Wwise to 2019.2.4.7329, in Unreal delete all Wwise  folders, and folders saved e intermediate and delete the plugin too just to have a clean unreal project. Once done I reintegrate the plugin from Wwise, generate sound data et voilá, now I packaging the project and the sound is how should be, PERFECT
Thanks for helping me