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LoadBank failed after LoadFilePackage succeed [closed]

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I'm trying to use FilePackage to manage my audio source.

I had put the 'Init.bnk' into one of the .pck files.
I modified the AkBankManager.LoadInitBank method's codes.
Before the line AkSoundEngine.LoadBank, I add my codes: AkSoundEngine.LoadFilePackage.
In runtime, when the progress comes here, the AKRESULT of LoadFilePackage is succeed, but then, the AKRESULT of LoadBank is failed.
The Unity Editor shows the error: Cannot open file: Init.bnk . But, why it is still trying to find the .bnk file?
There should be no .bnk files when using FilePackage, even when it is run time and the .pck file is loaded successfully, right?

Unable to find any relative problems.
Thanks for any input.
closed with the note: 项目组内部交流出错,导致低级问题,问题中的描述不正确。
asked Jul 17, 2020 in General Discussion by Isabella D. (260 points)
closed Jul 17, 2020 by Isabella D.