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Invalid State Group ID with Short IDs set to 0

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Hello, I am having an issue in UE4 4.24 with Wwise integration 2019.2.4.7329.1721
I've rolled back my project and the problem persists so I know it isn't likely to be an issue with the version.
I have a state called TerrainType that switches between a Dirt and Asphalt state whenever the player moves over the respective material.
Whenever I run my project, I am met with a "Error: Invalid State Group ID" message any time I try to switch the states using the Set State node in Blueprints. 

I've deleted and regenerated all of my banks multiple times and they load in Unreal without issue as far as I can tell.
What's odd to me is that all of the state uassets that are created have a Group Short ID of 0. The longer Group ID looks fine, but even when I create new states besides my TerrainType, the Group Short ID is always 0. To me that doesn't seem like desired behavior.

Here's a look at the details of my states:

The long IDs here match up with the IDs in my Init.txt so I feel like, for the most part, the Init bank is loaded correctly. I don't know how to check what the short IDs should be or if it even matters.
But something weird is going on here and I don't know if anybody has ever run into anything similar or might know why this is the only error I am getting.
Thank you in advance for any help and let me know if you need more info.

asked Jul 23 in General Discussion by Evan C. (100 points)

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