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Standalone .wav to .wem conversion

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Good day Audio Kinetic,

I am attempting to create a sound modding tool for Unity games that use WWise SoundBanks. The idea is that the user will see a list of SoundEvents by ID and be able to select a .wav to replace the existing one for that event. The tool would attempt to convert the .wav to a .wem file and replace the existing WEM asset in the SoundBank. Due to the chance of breakage, I plan on implementing a backup and restore function as well. The problem is the creation of the WEM file requires WWise to be installed and for a (skeleton) project to exist. I am aware that WWise already has a CLI tool for the conversion (that still relies on a project).

Essentially the two ways to go about this would be either to have the user install WWise and have this tool ship with a skeleton project for use in conversion. The other option is to have a limited portion of the WWise Authoring tool ship as well only for the sake of conversion.

If the above two options are not feasible, is there another end-user friendly way that such a tool could be made? The intention is not to allow sound authoring but simply a drop-in replacement system with a easy-to-use GUI. Any audio modifications would require them to properly install and use WWise Audio.

asked Aug 4, 2020 in General Discussion by Narayan J. (120 points)
any update on this?

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