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UE4 AkAssetDatabase

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We have a fairly large wwise project, with thousands of AkAudioEvents.  I was looking into why the Editor was taking so much longer to start, and found that it's because all the Events and their media are loaded at Editor startup by the AssetDatabase.  It appears that there is some thought about replacing the raw pointers with soft pointers or asset data (I did notice that the ID tags are marked as AssetRegistrySearchable, which makes this possible).  I haven't dug too deeply yet, but it doesn't look like the assets actually need to be loaded at that point for any reason.  On the surface, it looks like a pretty easy fix, but would likely involve changing a lot of code to do it properly (I would need to fix up the callers as well).  I do want to minimise the amount of changes we make to your plugin, so my question is whether this is on your TODO list, and if so, when might this code be dropping?
asked Aug 4, 2020 in General Discussion by David B. (180 points)

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