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Help with reverb zone and akenvironment in Unity

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I'm working on implementing audio to the 3DGameKit in Unity and I'm running into trouble using Aux Sends to create Reverb Zones in game.

In Unity, I have a collider trigger set up with AkEnvironment with the Reverb Bus and AkGameObj, and have an AkGameObj on the player.

In Wwise, I have the Reverb aux bus as a child of the Master Audio Bus, and all game-defined aux sends are check on the Aux Send and the objects in the Hierarchy.

During gameplay, no reverb is heard and in the profiler, my sounds aren't being sent to the aux, they're going straight to the Master.

I can't think of anything else I can do, unless it has to do with adding a script somewhere in Unity.

Please Help.
asked Aug 7, 2020 in General Discussion by Erich W. (100 points)

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