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Problem with Event stop in Limbo

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Hi! I'm experimenting with Limbo demo, trying to add a score under the game. Since I don't have the possibility to implement my own events or game syncs into the game engine, i'm using existing events to trigger music moments. 

When the boy gets up, the event env_start_falling_boyStandUpEnd triggers the beginning of an ambient track that will play until the character enters the boat; from there the event env_start_falling_enterboat should play the "splash" SFX, stop the ambient track previously playing and start playing the main theme. 

While the profiler tells me this is happening, the ambient track continues playing under the theme once the boy enters the boat.

Am I missing something?

asked Sep 2, 2020 in General Discussion by Pietro F. (150 points)

1 Answer

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Hi, I answered here: Since you can't change event call in the game, your only option is to change scope of the stop event to "Global" in event editor in the Wwise project.

answered Sep 4, 2020 by Radek Karnik (990 points)