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Event Based Packaging Asset Syncronization Redundancies in Event Tab and UE4's character/directory/path limit

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When using event based packing/asset sync, Wwise creates a folder called WwiseAudio/Events/Default_Work_Unit for all the events in the Events tab to be mirrored in that same directory in UE4's Content Browser.

This eats up 32 characters (assuming I counted correctly) which is kind of a big chunk when UE4 is limited to 180 characters (perhaps they finally fix this in UE5).

Ideally, the WwiseAudio folder could just be called "Wwise" and the Event "folder" in wwise could be changed into an actual Work Unit and the default work unit could be done away with completely.

But at a bare minimum would it be possible to at least rename the Default_Work_Unit to something short?
asked Sep 8, 2020 in Feature Requests by SAM B. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Sam, just wondering if you ever found a workaround for this. I've been creating several different work units for my current project, which is useful anyway for a project of our size. Could you circumvent this issue by simply not using the default work unit?
answered Oct 27, 2020 by Jonathan G. (140 points)
afaik, using the default work unit in the event tab is currently mandatory and users are not able to change this.